Eliminate Embarrassing XSS Vulnerabilities, Elevate Your Technical STATUS and Become an EXPERT Worthy of PROMOTIONS, RAISES and INFLUENCE.

EVEN if you're just starting out... Or ever felt like an Imposter...

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Feeling stuck and unrecognized at work when deep down you know you're worthy of so much more?

You're not alone. Coding boot camps and universities FAIL to teach real-world skills REQUIRED to stand out from the crowd and protect your career from humiliating hacks or simply just blending in with the crowd.

The truth is, no matter how smart you are or how efficient your algorithms may be, YOU CANNOT EXPECT TO BE KNOWN AS A TOP PERFORMER IF YOU'RE NO DIFFERENT THAN THE OTHERS.

At best, you'll simply be tolerated until you're replaced without warning... They'll never tell you ahead of time – quietly talking behind your back in private meetings until it's too late...

But it doesn't have to be that way.

The KEY to breaking free from work politics and accelerating your career is to BECOME AN EXPERT in something others don't know so you can't be replaced.

  • What if YOU were the one suggesting code changes to senior and staff-level engineers in code reviews?
  • What if YOU were the one leading teams of engineers and giving expert advice?
  • What if YOUR OPINIONS mattered more because you knew what others did not?
  • What if YOU were considered first for RAISES and PROMOTIONS?

There is a MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY for you to rise up from the average non-essential coder and become IRREPLACEABLE.

Learning XSS is the perfect skill for your advancement because year after year it's the #1 critical vulnerability found in code – this means developers get it wrong ALL THE TIME – causing MILLIONS in damages.

As a result, XSS MASTERY is a HIGHLY VALUABLE skill that can boost you to a HIGHER SALARY and BETTER OPPORTUNITIES.

Here's what students rave about the course

I want you to know that your XSS course gave me a leg up on a "Practical Assessment" that I just took to get onto a new project at work. The examiner literally asked me how/where I learned how to look for XSS like this...naturally I told him lol.

- Grant B

XSS Course Review XSS Course Review XSS Course Review
XSS Course Review XSS Course Review XSS Course Review

Take Control of Your Career NOW and Don't Wait to be Passed up Again

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What you'll get in The Ultimate XSS Course

XSS Experience Image

Entertaining hands-on experience instead of boring lectures and theory

From taking action and getting the unfair advantage of experience...

... to having fun while learning and experimenting like a crazy hacker...

... to promoting you with real-world skills to advance your career above the rest.

XSS Exploits Image

Live XSS exploits to learn exactly what the world's top hackers know

We'll shed light on what most engineers don't know and get wrong all the time by giving you the raw, uncensored ways hackers attack and exploit systems using XSS.

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Complete XSS Mastery to supercharge your career...

...learning skills that have been proven to get results in areas like Technical Expertise, Self Confidence, Wealth, Motivation, Creativity, Influence and much more!

Hacking is more than just a technical skill: it's applying strategic creativity to break out of constraints and achieve an objective. Have you ever wondered why so many developers, some of the smartest people alive, get taken advantage of and fail to get paid what they're actually worth?

It's not that the money isn't there. After all, developers LITERALLY create millionaires and sometimes billionaires while they're left with just a minimally acceptable salary – they never developed the hacker mindset to break free from the FALSE CONSTRAINTS they were tricked into believing.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Hacking Websites With Cross-Site Scripting (6:14)

    1 example 3 challenges

  • Attacks and Exploits
  • XSS Attacks From HTML Attributes (4:56)

    2 examples 3 challenges

  • XSS Attacks From URLs (5:06)

    1 example 2 challenges

  • XSS Filter Evasion (7:01)

    2 examples 2 challenges

  • How To Use Event Handlers For XSS Exploits (9:42)

    2 examples 3 challenges

  • XSS Attacks Inside JavaScript (9:55)

    1 example 4 challenges

  • Polyglots: The Ultimate XSS Payloads (7:18)

    1 example 1 challenge

  • How To Create Real XSS Exploits To Attack Websites (16:32)

    1 example 3 challenges

  • Fixes and Prevention
  • How To Fix XSS Vulnerabilities In Code (12:22)

    3 challenges

  • How To Allow Safe HTML Injection (11:48)

    1 example 2 challenges

  • How To Prevent XSS With Code Reviews (4:27)

    3 challenges

  • Automatic XSS Prevention (18:57)

    2 examples 3 challenges

  • Bonus
  • Exploiting Web Pages That Have A CSP (6:43)

    1 example 2 challenges

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Let XSS Mastery be your first step to unlock your hidden potential to reshape your mindset and technical skills with expert-level precision

Begin My Path to Mastery Now

Meet Your Expert Instructor

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Jesse has created software generating multiple-millions of dollars per year and has found and fixed thousands of critical security vulnerabilities for tech companies. He has received multiple awards for cybersecurity contributions and was nominated to join the US National Secuity Agency (NSA). Rather than hacking for governments, he pursues independent success teaching over half a million students and engineers from around the world to improve their technical status, expertise and influence – working directly with Fortune 100 companies, universities, startups and private coaching to achieve a positive global impact.

Disclaimer: Your individual results may vary depending on many factors such as work ethic, experience, available opportunity, etc. with no guarantee of performance or results. Your life journey is your own and I'm not implying you will duplicate my career success where I have used cybersecurity knowledge and the hacker mindset to 5X my developer income, grow my influence and improve my life tremendously. You are solely responsible for your own actions, and I am here to share my experience and skills for informational purposes only in hopes that you can learn from my results in an entertaining and educational way. If you do not believe in your capacity and work ethic to succeed, DO NOT expect the same results from any course or offering.

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