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The Ultimate XSS Training Course

For new & experienced hackers seeking expert-level mastery on the #1 vulnerability found on the web – find, fix and exploit XSS vulnerabilities to supercharge your career and elevate your technical status to elite levels

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The No-Code Hacking Course

Beginner-friendly hacking without any coding experience required — get hands-on experience hacking with high-severity vulnerabilities like IDOR, Sensitive Data Exposure, Broken Authentication and Broken Access Control.

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Wherever you are in your career, tap into over 10 years of experience I’ve learned the hard way to quickly grow your own skills and salary – earning more pay, becoming an expert and advancing your career.

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Cybersecurity for beginners and professionals.

Learn to hack and grow your cybersecurity skills from beginner to expert with with real step-by-step attacks, exploits and vulnerabilities.