Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Training Course.

The Ultimate XSS Training Course for students, hackers and engineers.

Learn how to master XSS attacks, exploits and defenses with hands-on training.

  • Hands-on experience to start and grow your career
  • Step-by-step Cross-Site Scripting hacking skills
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced attacks
  • Practical skills for part-time bug bounty hunters and full-time cybersecurity professionals
  • Beginner-friendly, fun and empowering lessons
  • Real exploit development
  • Complete vulnerability fixes and defenses for secure coding skills
  • Lifetime access and free updates

Let me help you master XSS
(without getting bored)

We'll focus on experience, not theory.

If you've only read about Cross-Site Scripting online, and you haven't had the pleasure of working directly with attacks and exploits beyond launching an alert, then you're absolutely just scratching the surface of all there is to learn.

Most likely, you've been through some kind of basic training where you mostly just copied and pasted some generic code without much explanation.

But your biggest questions remain spinning inside your head: "How do hacks actually work? What's the worst that could happen? Why isn't this easy to stop?"

The Ultimate XSS Training Course is a hands-on, comprehensive course that empowers you to write your own code as you you follow entertaining recipes (that aren't too long or complicated). Get the full, uncensored view of XSS, solve challenges and master XSS at your own pace whether you're a student, security researcher or experienced engineer.



most common appsec vulnerability
1,089% more common than SQL injection [1]

XSS vulnerabiliity trend 2016-2021

449% increase in the last 5 years [2]


XSS bounty payouts on HackerOne in 2021 [3]

[1] Netsparker: Web Security Scan Statistics, 2018
[2] National Vulnerability Database, 2022
[3] Hacker-Powered Security Report, 2021

Chef Secure's Ultimate XSS Training Course specializes in making sure students and engineers understand XSS attacks, exploits, defenses and prevention strategies through practical experience-based learning.

Why learn hacking?

Simply put — cybercriminals can't be stopped if their attacks aren't fully understood.

Built-in protections are no longer enough to stop XSS on the web.

Students and engineers need hands-on experience working with the latest attacks and defenses in order to stay ahead of today's attackers.

This course teaches how to:

Discover critical XSS vulnerabilities in web applications.

Analyze and stop malicious exploits from criminal hackers.

Fix XSS vulnerabilities with tactical precision, total accuracy and swift urgency.

Secure applications with proactive defenses that stop vulnerabilities before reaching production.

Training example screen shot

Our secret ingredients

  • Entertaining and educational recipes instead of endless slide decks and wikis
  • Hands-on challenges and experience instead of quizzes and cramming
  • Follow-along examples instead of passive, unengaging lectures
  • Modern technologies instead of outdated, historical facts
  • Daily work environments instead of complicated overhead
  • Real-world skills instead of useless badges, trophies and points

XSS Training Value

BOTTOM LINE: Fixing XSS vulnerabilities costs more than the full price of this course.


A single XSS vulnerability report is often awarded over $1,000, growing with severity and impact. For instance, Google awards $7,500 and Yahoo has paid $10,000 for a single XSS vulnerability report.

Next comes the total cost of the vulnerability's lifecycle:

  1. Receive report
  2. Validate issue
  3. Create ticket for developer
  4. Setup development environment
  5. Find flaw in code
  6. Write fix
  7. Pass QA tests
  8. Release patch
  9. Verify fix with researcher (repeat if not fixed)
  10. Issue reward
  11. Coordinate disclosure details

To make matters worse, the cost of an XSS vulnerability grows exponentially when its exploited and causes damages with legal consequences, ruined brand reputation and loss of customers.

This course automatically pays for itself when you find, fix or learn to prevent just
ONE XSS vulnerability

Ready to get the XSS training that pays for itself?

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