Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Training Course.

The ultimate XSS training course – how to find, exploit, fix and prevent XSS vulnerabilities.

What is XSS?

Cross-Site Scripting, or XSS, is a security vulnerability in web applications that allows criminal hackers to inject harmful code directly inside web pages. This can result in a massive data breach, as seen in 2018 when the private data (including payment information) of 380,000 British Airways customers was stolen by attackers.



most common appsec vulnerability
1,089% more common than SQL injection [1]

XSS vulnerabiliity trend 2016-2018

313% increase in the last 2 years [2]

[1] Netsparker: Web Security Scan Statistics, 2018
[2] National Vulnerability Database, 2019

Chef Secure's ultimate XSS training course specializes in making sure your development and security teams understand XSS attacks, exploits, defenses and prevention strategies for everyday work.

The Ultimate XSS Training Course

Built-in protections are no longer enough to stop XSS threats to your company. Development and security teams need hands-on experience working with the latest attacks and defenses in order to stay ahead of today's attackers.

Discover critical XSS vulnerabilities in web applications.

Analyze and stop malicious exploits from criminal hackers.

Fix XSS vulnerabilities with tactical precision, total accuracy and swift urgency.

Secure applications with proactive defenses that stop vulnerabilities before reaching production.

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Our secret ingredients

  • Entertaining and educational recipes instead of endless slide decks and wikis
  • Hands-on challenges and experience instead of quizzes and cramming
  • Follow-along examples instead of passive, unengaging lectures
  • Modern technologies instead of outdated, historical facts
  • Daily work environments instead of complicated overhead
  • Real-world skills instead of useless badges, trophies and points

XSS Training Value

BOTTOM LINE: Fixing XSS vulnerabilities costs you more than the full price of this course.


A single XSS vulnerability report is often awarded over $1,000, growing with severity and impact. For instance, Google awards $7,500 and Yahoo has paid $10,000 for a single XSS vulnerability report.

Next comes the total cost of the vulnerability's lifecycle:

  1. Receive report
  2. Validate issue
  3. Create ticket for developer
  4. Setup development environment
  5. Find flaw in code
  6. Write fix
  7. Pass QA tests
  8. Release patch
  9. Verify fix with researcher (repeat if not fixed)
  10. Issue reward
  11. Coordinate disclosure details

To make matters worse, the cost of an XSS vulnerability grows exponentially when its exploited and causes damages with legal consequences, ruined brand reputation and loss of customers.

Ready to make your appsec efforts profitable, scalable and reliable by eliminating the #1 most common vulnerability and getting a positive ROI for your efforts?

This course automatically pays for itself when you find, fix or learn to prevent just
ONE XSS vulnerability


Complete XSS Training Program

The real question when it comes to security is "how" to get the work done. Our proven, repeatable system breaks this down into four simple steps:

  1. Understand the problem
  2. Understand the impact
  3. Fix the vulnerabilities
  4. Prevent future issues

Each video recipe, example and challenge is a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish these four goals, so students gain hands-on experience they can apply directly to their daily work.



Hacking Websites With Cross-Site Scripting

Learn the basics of XSS attacks.

6:14 1 example 3 challenges

Upgrade to XSS:Full Access

XSS Attacks From HTML Attributes

Learn how to launch XSS attacks when injecting into HTML attributes.

4:56 2 examples 3 challenges

Upgrade to XSS:Full Access

XSS Attacks From URLs

Learn how to launch XSS attacks when adding a URL for website links.

5:06 1 example 2 challenges

Upgrade to XSS:Full Access

XSS Filter Evasion

Learn how to launch XSS attacks while evading filters and defenses.

7:01 2 examples 2 challenges

Upgrade to XSS:Full Access

How To Use Event Handlers For XSS Exploits

Learn how to create XSS exploits using event handlers.

9:42 2 examples 3 challenges

Upgrade to XSS:Full Access

XSS Attacks Inside JavaScript

Learn how XSS attacks work when injecting directly into JavaScript.

9:55 1 example 4 challenges

Upgrade to XSS:Full Access

Polyglots: The Ultimate XSS Payloads

Learn to execute XSS attacks in any context with just one payload.

7:18 1 example 1 challenge

Upgrade to XSS:Full Access

How To Create Real XSS Exploits To Attack Websites

Learn how to create real, malicious XSS exploits.

16:32 1 example 3 challenges

Upgrade to XSS:Full Access

How To Fix XSS Vulnerabilities In Code

Learn how to bulletproof your code against dangerous inputs with proper escaping.

12:22 3 challenges

Upgrade to XSS:Full Access

How To Allow Safe HTML Injection

Learn how to safely let users add their own HTML tags without introducing XSS vulnerabilities.

11:48 1 example 2 challenges

Upgrade to XSS:Full Access

How To Prevent XSS With Code Reviews

Learn how to stop XSS vulnerabilities before they're released.

4:27 3 challenges

Upgrade to XSS:Full Access

Automatic XSS Prevention

Learn how to automatically stop XSS attacks with Content Security Policy and Subresource Integrity.

18:57 2 examples 3 challenges

Upgrade to XSS:Full Access

Exploiting Web Pages That Have A CSP

Learn what threats still exist even after implementing a Content Security Policy.

6:43 1 example 2 challenges

Upgrade to XSS:Full Access

All recipe videos are served in ultra-high-definition 4k quality. English captions included. Text transcripts for easy lookup.

Ready to get lasting security that pays for itself?